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Only 10 minutes away from Varna (near the Free University) is a magical place. Klas Barbeque – a fine restaurant, in which time and space merge into a blissful harmony. Space – like in an oriental tale. Time – runs fast and easy, the hours pass imperceptibly. Words are not enough and pictures, no matter how good, can not recreate this place in its full beauty.

As soon as you walk into Klas Barbeque, you personally feel the touch of the famous Oriental hospitality. The music, the attitude of the staff, the atmosphere – everything makes you relax and forget about the many problems that only a moment ago were stuck deep in your mind.

Let`s say a little about the interior. The first hall! I can not fail to notice the unique traditional atmosphere. Huge colored chandeliers as of a sultan`s palace slightly sway over the beautifully arranged tables. On the right of the hall behind glass is a huge barbecue, covered with ornaments polished to the last detail, where in front of each guest the chef prepares his specialties. Balloon bread is drawn out of the deep oven, and its taste and lightness can not leave indifferent any connoisseur of the Turkish cuisine.

Stepping over the threshold of the new elegant room, an aesthetic delight awakens for all senses. A class that only in Klas Barbeque can be seen and felt. Beauty, style, fairy tale! The first 10 minutes you can only stare around. Each design element is hand crafted and delivered specially from abroad. The wooden parts of the chairs and tables are not just golden in color, but really gold. At the upholstering of the furniture were used special crystals and the fabrics are from hand-woven silk velvet. In addition – the grand chandelier that complements the delicate surrounding is with stones „Swarovski“.

Everything is perfected, it is made with passion and taste, as if the owner furnished his own home to meet good friends. Beautiful curtains, walls, huge beautiful candlesticks on the table. A lot of attention and diligence is invested in everything. Where else would you be able to see golden bars of the ventilation? Pomp and splendor, but done with great style and taste. Nothing more and nothing less. The exact dose of luxury and hedonism, created not only by the interior, but by the pure human contact. The staff is truly professional, ready at any moment to shower you with attention, respect and smile. They appear immediately when you need anything, and care for your comfort in any moment.

After giving all attention to the unique atmosphere, it is time to enjoy the culinary delights. The rich menu of dishes from the traditional Oriental cuisine, always carefully selected fresh meat products, quality fragrant spices and vegetables and the healthy food preparation are a guarantee for an unforgettable culinary feast.

The new Deluxe menu includes a special selection of beverages and a collection of the favorite cigars of the owner.

Whatever you choose, it will be prepared before your eyes – from the fresh, not frozen meat from animals selected personally by the specialist, to fragrant and crispy fresh vegetables. While watching the skillful movements and the technique of the chef , you gain the impression that this is art and this talented cook is an artist who is making his next masterpiece especially for you. I have to say that this chef chooses the meat products everyday. But not from a stand in the grocery store; he selects the animals while they are still alive. Then he processes the meat himself, as one of the steps is a special marinade which is a secret recipe and in which the meat stays for several hours to become tender and to lead to a perfect result. The vegetables and all other products are also specially selected, many of them are imported from Turkey to be really truly authentic. Everything is prepared on the spot, nothing is bought ready, nothing stagnates in the freezer. And when each guest goes home the only thing that remains is the taste of the dessert, so let me advise you to try Quince „Scheherazade“ which has a secret recipe, but a magical taste that will take you to other latitudes.

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