Klas Barbeque – the luxury class of Turkish quisine (part 2)

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… crystals. The colorful pageant of lanterns with colored glass, which is the hallmark of the restaurant, has been replaced by a heavy chandelier, also made of crystal.

The restaurant menu is short but meaningful and delicious! As any self-respecting Turkish restaurant, everything here is „kebab“. Roasted beef, lamb and chicken meats are typically spiced and are prepared on coals on a copper barbeque, around which happens everything important in the restaurant.

„Klas-kebab“ – the specialty of the house, is a variant of the familiar Adana kepap of beef or lamb mince. In the past it used to be „stringed“ on a sword, instead of which now special flat skewers are being used. The kebab is served on sauce made from yogurt and finely mashed roasted eggplant, with not a single seed left in it. From traditional soups in „Klas Barbecue“ only lentils and tarator are served, but they are enough to surprise you with unexpected flavors and pleasant aromas.

Salads are mostly made of fresh products, generously seasoned with exotic spices , and the meats which the restaurant uses – fresh and specially selected.

Klas Barbeque offers specially prepared and baked on the spot bread, and the first in the ranking, of course, is „balon ekmek“ as well as several kinds of breads baked on coals or in oven. The crown jewel, however, are the desserts. Besides baklava, which comes with several fillings mainly of different types of nuts, at „Klas Barbeque“ you must necessarily ask for roasted grated quince with sugar and cream. A nice surprise is the sutliyash which is also prepared in oven.

The wine list of „Klas Barbeque“ offers a wide selection of labels 6f the New and the Old World as we33 as a selection of the best Bulgarian wineries. The prices of the wines are in the middle and high price range, but always justified by the quality. The restaurant offers a selection of Turkish beers as well as the famous Yeni raki, served in a traditional personal cooler of forged copper.

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