1001 nights just 10 minutes away from Varna

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Just 10 minutes away from Varna (near the Free University) is located a magical place. Klas Barbeque – a fancy restaurant where time and space are felt differently.

The space – as if you are in an arabic story. The time – it goes lightly and quickly, the hours pass without being noticed.

When I saw the photos of the place I thought there is no way I can feel comfortably there. It is too fancy, luxury, shiny, stylish… my words are not enough, and the photos, no matter how good, cannot recreate the place in its full splendor.

Another thing also crossed my mind, a thing that definitely matters – that I wouldn`t be able to afford anything more than a drink there, because at such a magical place they probably “cut heads”.

Just a few minutes after I sat in Klas Barbeque, however, all my worries magically vanished and were replaced by a feeling of pleasant comfort.

The music, the attitude of the staff, the surrounding – everything makes you relax and forget what`s outside this restaurant.

Let`s say a little bit about the interior. The first hall! There is no way you can miss the unique traditional interior. Huge beautiful chandeliers with colored glasses. Very, very beautiful. On the right in the hall behind glass is located the huge barbeque covered with ornaments perfected to the very last detail, and this is where you can see how your meal is being prepared.

Right next to the barbeque the chef brings out extremely delicious breads directly out the oven.

Stepping into the new elegant hall, an aesthetic joy for all senses arises. A class which only in Klas Barbeque can be seen and felt. Beauty, style, fairy tale! The first 10 minutes you only stop and stare.

Every element of the design is hand made and delivered specially from abroad. The wooden parts of the chairs and tables are not only golden in color, but really gilded. At the upholstering of the furniture are used special crystals, and the fabrics themselves are from hand woven silk velvet. In addition – the grand chandelier which exquisitely completes the surrounding, is with “Swarowski” stones.

Everything is perfected, made with desire and taste. The wonderful curtains, which are really really wonderful, the walls, the huge beautiful candlesticks on the table.

A lot of attention and effort is put in everything. Where else will you be able to see gilded even the bars of the ventilation?! Everything matches the interior… a feeling of a sultan palace in the Orient. Pomp and pageantry, but done with lots of style and taste.

Nothing is more and nothing is less. Just the right combination. And I`m not talking only about the interior. The attitude towards you! The staff is from true professionals. They drown you in attention, respect and smiles. They appear exactly when you need anything and care for your permanent comfort.

After admiring the unique interior, it is time to rejoice with the culinary temptations.

The rich menu of specialties from the traditional for the Orient cuisine, the carefully selected always fresh meat products, the quality aroma spices and vegetables as well as the healthy ways of food preparations are a guarantee for an unforgettable culinary celebration.
Vegetarians, you will also find a choice of fresh and delicious vegetarian dishes. And the portions are generous, really generous.

Whatever you choose, it will be made right in front of your eyes – from fresh non-frozen meats of animals selected personally from a specialist, to crispy and aromatic fresh vegetables. While you observe the skillful movements and the technique of the chef, you get the feeling that this is art and the chef is a talanted artist preparing his next masterpiece especially for you.

This is the moment to note that this chef selects personally the meat everyday. But not from the stand in the groceries store, but chooses the animals personally while they are still alive. After that he personally processes the meat as one of the steps is a special marinade by a secret recipe in which the meat stays for several hours to become fragile and for the result to be perfect.

The vegetables and all other products are also specially selected, many of them imported from Turkey so that everything is really authentic.

Everything is cooked on spot, nothing is bought ready, nothing stays in the freezer.

And the prices? You wouldn`t expect this but they are perfectly normal. Most restaurants in Varna provide a lot less at really higher prices. As the comfort and servicing here are really uncomparable.

And the time flies so fast… It`s so good that you don`t want to leave the place and when you look at your clock you notice you`ve spent there several hours. Everybody likes to feel good.

I woke up your interest and appetite, didn`t I? But if you really want to indulge your senses, reserve a table. Because everyone who visit Klas Barbeque once, become regular clients. Not that I am surprised.

But I envy you a bit, because for you this fairy tale journey is just beginning.

P.S. I suppose that what I`ve written sounds too advertising. Well it is – because I really really liked the place and I wrote this with great pleasure. It`s been a long time since I last found a new quality place in Varna.

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