Bulgarians and Romanians want to join the Schengen together

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Bulgaria and Romania to enter Schengen together, requested journalists аt an informal media meeting of the two neighboring countries. Host of the “no ties” forum was restaurant „Klas Barbeque“ at hotel Kabakum in Golden Sands, and the media representatives – print, radio, television and online editions, discussed in a friendly atmosphere the road of Bulgaria and Romania to United Europe.

According to colleagues from Romania there is a real chance for both countries to enter Schengen in 1 year. According to others, however, the entry into the area shall take at least 5 years. Both you and us help to Japan however we can We believe this is the right policy, commented Romanian journalists.

In the middle of the night an improvised culinary competition was held, in which representatives of Bulgaria and Romania tasted topspecialties of the oriental cuisine – a trademark of the restaurant, and tried to decipher the ingredients. There was no official winner because of the friendly character of the competition.

At this informal meeting matters related to the future cooperation between the editions were discussed. There is an idea that the next such meeting be triangular with the participation of media from Turkey.

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Family hotel Kabakum and restaurant Klas Barbeque