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Today Klas Barbeque restaurant hosted the international media meeting. Friends of three Balkan nations – Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, gathered around the luxury tables of the restaurant to unite the friendship between the three countries. The most important moment of the event was the presentation of the elegant new hall of Klas Barbeque restaurant. During the dinner, in which refined oriental dishes from the menu Klas Barbeque restaurant were presented, the guests from the Romanian and regional media had the opportunity to discuss with the management team of the restaurant the preparations for the Easter holidays and for the upcoming tourist season.

Near Varna, close to the beach, the city visitors can immerse themselves in a oriental tale came true. Klas Barbeque Restaurant is a place surrounded by peace and mysticism, which can`t leave lovers of exquisite decor and culinary delights indifferent.

Two halls, two worlds – countless memorable fairytale moments. The history of the restaurant began back in 2006 when the owners decided that in Bulgaria there are not enough places that adequately tell the story of the oriental gastronomic art.

The traditional hall was built first. A colorful palette of details unfolds before the sight of the visitors who stepped into Klas Barbeque. The warm welcome, the unique combined oriental features, the comfort and warmth in the hall create a cozy atmosphere allowing all visitors to feel the traditional eastern hospitality. From the very entrance of the restaurant, the huge sparkling barbeque makes a great impression, and behind it the chef as a real magician unfolds in front of the guests an unforgettable cooking show. Countless colorful lanterns sway slightly as if whispering the song of the Bosphorus. A wealth of flavors and sensations we can safely identify as a feast of the senses.

The next stop on the express, which carries us into other worlds, is the new jewel in the crown of Klas Barbeque. The new hall, which opened its doors only a few months ago, was inspired by the spirit of the tales of 1001 Nights. Each design element is hand crafted and shipped from abroad especially for the Klas Barbeque restaurant. The wooden part of the chairs and tables is gilded; the light rose upholstery furniture is encrusted with special crystals, and the fabric used is hand-woven silk velvet. The grand chandelier, with its reflections, which can make one lose sense of time and space, is entirely made of „Swarovski“ crystals.

And as for the specialties offered – you better try them yourselves. Fresh products, unique original cuisine, inspired by the most attractive oriental specialties, premium wine selection. Meat dishes are prepared only from fresh chicken, beef and lamb, personally selected by the chef. A pageant of colours, flavours and aromas – an experience, long after which you will be wondering whether it was a dream or reality.

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