Like a fairy tale

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You don`t need to go to the Orient, to enjoy its charm

We all remember our favorite stories from 1001 Nights and the beautiful, romantic pictures that imagination paints when we talk about the East. Restaurant „Klas Barbque“ recreates all the details of our vision for an oriental tale. Only 10 minutes away from Varna a magic unfolds and touches all senses. The interior follows the styling of the Arabian world – chairs and tables are gold, curtains are heavy, the upholstery is from hand woven velvet and the light is scattered by a discrete chandelier with „Swarovski“ crystals.

Besides the atmosphere which surprises even the richest fantasy, „Klas Barbeque“ charms us with its authentic charm and original cuisine. In the middle of one of the halls from a huge barbeque comes fine aroma of spices and freshly prepared dishes and the chef performs in front of the guests a real cooking show. The menu is rich and includes specialties from the traditional Oriental cuisine prepared with carefully selected meat products, original spices and fresh vegetables. Food is prepared in an authentic and healthy way.

You can try the traditional Turkish Yeni Raki rakia with a pleasant aniseed taste, suitable for the warm weather. The new Deluxe restaurant menu includes not only alcoholic beverages but also a special selection of cigars, personally selected by the owner.

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